How to Make Your Own KitchenAid Mixer Cover: From the KitchenAid to the Kitchenaid II…

A DIY kitchenaid mixer cover can be an inexpensive way to add a touch of whimsy to a kitchen.

The KitchenAid mixer cover comes in many different designs and the one we’re going to talk about today is the Kitchen Aid II, or KII.

The KII mixer cover is a simple but sturdy plastic box that has a wide opening on the top for use as a stand, and it also has a small handle on the bottom for adding a little extra pop to the kitchen.

The cover is pretty easy to make and the best part is that you can make it for under $10.00.

The only downside is that the cover is only available in black and white.

You can find the black version here and the white version here.

First, take your KitchenAid II mixer cover and cut it into two halves.

Make sure you cut the sides of the cover in half so that you have enough room to put your kitchenware inside.

Next, attach the cover to the top of the KitchenAide II with the top two holes punched out.

Make a note of the number on the back of the box and then put the Kitchen aid II on top of it.

This is what will be the inside of the KII mixer.

Take the two halves of the mixer cover back and place it in the bottom of the top part of the KitchenAid II.

You should now have a KitchenAid mixer, the same one that came with your Kitchenaid mixer.

The two halves will fit snugly in the backside of the device.

To attach the mixer to the front of the unit, place the mixer inside the bottom half of the door and the cover will attach right in the middle of the knob that connects the two pieces of hardware together.

You’ll also need to attach a small hole in the top portion of the front door for the mixer’s mounting hardware.

You will need to use some sort of glue to attach the two hardware pieces to the mixer.

Next, take the two sides of your mixer cover off of the side of the cooker.

Make the holes for the knob on the front side, and then screw the two together using a small flat head screwdriver.

Use a pair of pliers to turn the cover over and attach it to the back side of your KitchenAire II.

Take the front and back of your kitchenaid stand, lay your Kitchen aid cover on top and then attach it with the front end of the plastic knob.

Take a look at the Kitchen Aide II and the knob attachment below to see what we mean.

Now it’s time to attach your Kitchen Aid mixer to your Kitchen Aire II so that it can be used as a cooking stand.

Make two small holes in the front part of your stand so that the Kitchen aide II can be mounted.

Take one of the holes and attach a metal bracket to the side so that KitchenAid can be attached.

Now that you’ve made your Kitchen aids stand, you can put them on your kitchenstand and enjoy cooking while you wait for your meals.

We’ve made the KitchenAdvance® KitchenAid Stand, the most affordable and effective kitchenaid device for under a hundred bucks.

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