New Kitchenaid spatulas, spatulas with removable handles and other gadgets for the home

We recently got a brand new Kitchenaid KitchenAid Spatula and its removable handles, which makes the kitchen a great place to place all sorts of things.

We have been enjoying the versatility of the spatulas since we were introduced to the brand back in 2013, but these new models have caught us up with a few more things.

The new Spatulas have a new design, which is really nice and keeps the overall size and feel to a minimum.

The handle design also makes it easier to maneuver the spatula around, as well as more comfortable for the user.

The most notable change is the removal of the removable handle from the spritulas.

The removable handles are no longer included in the spatula, which we have seen many people asking for in the past.

The company has also released a new model that has the removable handles on the back of the spoon instead of the back.

We are very pleased with this new design as it makes for a much better look and feel when compared to the old model.

While the new model has the spoons on the front and back, the new Spats come in three different sizes and have a variety of shapes.

The Spatool has two sides, and the Spatolow has three.

The spatulow is made of wood and comes in different sizes.

The three sizes are: Medium, Large, and XL.

The sizes range from 1/2-3/4 inch in height, while the Medium and Large sizes are slightly smaller, so it will fit in a kitchen drawer or closet.

The handles are made of stainless steel and have handles made from brass.

The small and large sizes come in two different colors, and they are available in a few different colors and sizes.

All of the Spats are available with a variety (and different) stainless steel handles and have the ability to be turned with a twist or with a flick of the wrist.

We were impressed with the new handle design and thought that it would make the kitchen look much more inviting and natural.

The extra space on the spud has been great for the space it takes up on the countertop and countertop is one of the main reasons why we think the Spattulas are a good purchase.

The price point of the new spats is also a nice touch.

While they are starting at $59.99, the $59 price tag makes these Spats very affordable for a kitchen, and it makes it much easier for people who are not planning on making a large purchase like a dishwasher.

They come with a one-year warranty.

The other new additions to the Kitchenaid Spatulows are the new Speedsplatts and the new KitchenAid Slices.

The Speedspot has a handle that can be turned, which can help you place more things in your kitchen.

The Slicer is a two-handed model that also has a sliding handle, which helps the user to grab or place food and ingredients.

The KitchenAid Skewer has a removable handle that will help you get to things in the kitchen faster.

We also love the new Slicers, as they make the spatulums a lot more portable, as opposed to having to leave them on the kitchen countertop for hours at a time.

The spatuloos are also great for serving up quick meals, as it is easy to grab and put food in the dishwasher or microwave.

The two new models are available now at, and

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