The Kmart Kitchenaid Kdte 334gps for $39.95!

Kmart has announced the launch of its new Kdtes, which it describes as a “comfortable companion” for those who want to stay fit.

The Kdts, which will retail for $49.95, are the latest addition to its Kmart fitness range, which currently includes the Kdty 2, Kdta 1, Kdt 2, and Kdt 3.

They’re available to pre-order today and are expected to be released in January.

The Kitchenaid version is a “sleek, streamlined, and functional” device, with an integrated USB hub, a wireless charging pad, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which should allow you to “focus on the task at hand.”

A new feature in the Kmarts Kdt series, the Kdt 334gp, is designed to help people “stay active and healthy,” and offers a “lifestyle-friendly fitness kit with all of the fitness essentials you need.”

The kit includes a full-body fitness bootie, a weight-loss vest, and two additional items: a fitness collar and a fitness strap.

The accessory also comes with a USB hub and includes a USB port for charging the device.

You can pick up one of the new Kmds at the Kmart store, or the Kmdts can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $19.99 each.

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